Julie Light Glass

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In my work I aim to explore tensions and contrasts that fascinate me: how the organic and the mechanistic coexist, how visible and translucent surfaces hide or reveal what is inside. Glass is a perfect medium for this; forms can be viewed from inside as well as out with surfaces that reflect light, transmit it or stop it dead.    


My work often integrates copper inclusions into glass, allowing me to pierce, connect or create tension in my pieces in new ways, capitalising on the contrasts between materials.  I aim to make sculptural pieces that as well as having a substantial presence appear malleable and tactile, creating a subtle dissonance that draws the viewer in close.


My work is highly influenced by an ongoing curiosity about scientific histories and developments, themes that often emerge as the subject of my work. Pursuing this, I am now studying for an MA in Art & Science at Central St Martin's College, part of the University of the Arts, London


Artist Statement