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Glass casting

Kilncasting is a process where a kiln is used to melt glass into a mould to create a new object.  From start to finish, there are a number of steps to the process:

Creating the model.  The first step is to make a model of the sculpture from one of a range of materials such as clay or wax.  Alternatively, a cast can be made of an existing object, like a branch, a rock or a piece of china

Making the mould.  A mould is made from a plaster mix that not only captures the fine details of texture from the model, but also has a high resistance to heat

Melting and cooling the glass.  Once the right amount of glass has been measured, it is stacked into the mould and heated in a kiln until it melts.  The top temperature is generally in excess of 800 degrees celsius. After that, the temperature is lowered very, very slowly so that the glass doesn't crack as it cools.  This may take many days in the kiln.

Finishing and polishing.  Once the glass has cooled, the mould can be removed and the glass is carefully cleaned.  At this point, any cold working, such as sandblasting, etching or polishing, can be done to create the final glass sculptureInsert body text here...