Julie Light Glass

Forthcoming, Current and Recent Shows


Summer 2018           Books of Blood (Group Show), Limerick School of Art, Limerick, Ireland


10th Feb 2018 &       Visible Insides, Invisible Insides, Open Platform Event, Wellcome Collection, London

15th Feb 2018              


25th Jan 2018          Changing Expectations of Art & Science at TEDx, The Royal Society, London


21st Jan 2018           My Studio is Your Body, Tate Exchange Event, Tate Modern, London


11th Dec 2017 -        Liquid to Solid: the mutability of Glass (Group Show), Orleans House, Twickenham, Middlesex

21st Jan 2018


25th Aug -                 In a New Light (Group Show), International Festival of Glass, Stourbridge

28th Aug 2017


16th  July -                Vessel (Group Show), Vessel Gallery, Notting Hill, London

19th August 2017


28th Apr  -                 em-em: Embodied Emotion (Group Residency), THECUBE, Shoreditch, London

30 Aug 2017


17th Mar -                 Somehow You and I Collide (Group Show), Mangle, Hackney, London

19th Mar 2017


7th Mar -                   Clone: the Art in Replication (Group Show), Courtyard Arts Centre, Hertford

1st Apr 2017


14th Nov -                 Practices of Enquiry (Group Show), Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Arts, London

18th Nov 2016


25th July -                 Just Glass: from Kiln to Coast (Group Show), Malthouse Gallery, Lyme Regis

5th Aug 2015


28th May -                Wish You Were Here (Group Show), Ruskin Centre, Stourbridge

-28th June 2015


5th Feb -                  Transparency - Winter: Ice and Purity (Group Show), Contemporary Glass Society, Online Gallery

28th Feb 2015


7th Jan -                  Crafting Anatomies (Group Show), Bonington Gallery, Nottingham

6th Feb 2015


26th June-                Evolve (Group Show), Richmond Art School, Twickenham

28th June 2014


8th May -                  Glass Exhibition (Group Show), The Bank, Eye, Suffolk

1st June 2014


31st Mar -                 Design Matters (Group Show), 5th Base Gallery, London E1

4th Apr 2014


5th Mar -                   Art and Science (Group Show), Courtyard Arts, Hertford

29th Mar 2014


23rd Jan -                 Just Glass: The Art of the Possible (Group Show), Pitzhanger Manor House and Gallery, Ealing, London

8 Mar 2014


9th Aug -                  Cork Street Open Exhibition (Group Show), Cork St, London

16th Aug 2013


6th June -                 Movement and Light, Stables Gallery (Group Show), Orleans House, Twickenham, Middlesex

28th July 2013


2nd Jan -                  Art @ Nesta, (Group Show), Nesta,  London EC1

30th June 2013


17th Sept 2012 -      Craftsense (Permanent Exhibition), Bilston Craft Gallery, Bilston nr Wolverhampton

27th Sept 2013


15th Nov -                 ING Discerning Eye (Group Show), The Mall Galleries, London

25th Nov 2012


22nd Aug  -               Medallions (Group Show), Ruskin Centre, Stourbridge

15th Sept 2012


23rd Aug -                 Cork Street Open Exhibition (Group Show), Cork St, London

31st Aug 2012


12th Dec 2011 -        Enclosure: Vessels (Group Show)   Contemporary Glass Society, Online Gallery

31st Jan  2012          


4th Aug -                   Cork Street Open Exhibition (Group Show),  Cork St. London

12th Aug 2011


22nd July -                Coast (Group Show), Catmose Gallery, Oakham, Rutland

20th Aug 2011


6th July 2011             Just Glass @ Mary's Living & Giving Shop supporting Save the Children

                                  (Group Event)   Notting Hill, London


4th Dec 2010 -          Picturing Science (Group Show)    Riverside Gallery, Richmond-upon-Thames

26th Feb 2011